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​成為會員 Become A Member

​會員續會在下方 Scroll down to renew.
誰可以參加? Who can Join?


Any Rossmoor resident may join CAAR as a member.

How many membership types?

會員有 Regular 及 Associate 兩種。只有Regular 會員可以成為俱樂部的理事會。Associate 會員除了上述限制之外,與Regular會員沒有差別。 A Rossmoor resident not of Chinese descent is eligible as an Associate Member of the Association. Associate Members, except their status as non-voting and non-office- holding members, have the same privileges and obligations as Regular Members.

​如何報名? How to enroll?

【選擇1 Option 1】 到Gateway辦公室裡CAAR的信箱裡取得報名表。填寫後附上支票,放入信箱裡標誌 Membership 的大信封中即可。 Get a hard copy enroll form from the CAAR mailbox in the Gateway administration office first. Fill the form and issue a check. Put the check and form in the membership envelope.

【選擇2 Option 2】 ​雙擊下方按鈕後,直接填寫報名資料。然後將支票放入Gateway辦公室CAAR信箱的大信封中。或將支票寄到指定的地址。 Double click the button below to start fill the form online. Then issue a check either put it in the CAAR mailbox in the Gateway Administration office, or mail it to the specified address.

2024 01/01~12/31
Membership Renewal 

$15/per person per year

Step 1: Payment
Ignore Step 1 if you need not to pay or cannot pay.


Option A: Online Pay  線上支付


We accept credit/debit cards. After clicking one of the following buttons, the first page enter payee's data. It must match it with CAAR database. The second page is about the credit/debit card. Make sure you scroll down to fill entire questions and then you can submit successfully. 

Step 1 buttons  

Option B: Issue a check 開具支票

支票抬頭請填 “CAAR"。您可以開一張支票為多人支付。如果支票上缺乏會員的信息,請在支票上註明。支票請直接放入在Gateway的CAAR郵箱裡標有 Membership 的大信封裡。

Please make the check payable to "CAAR." You can write one check for multiple members. If the check lacks member's information, please indicate it on the check. Place the check directly into the large envelope labeled "Membership" inside the CAAR mailbox at Gateway. 

第二步: 會員信息 (必填)
Step 2: Member's Infor  (Must)


Please click the button below to confirm your desire to join our association and provide details on your payment method as well as any information that requires correction.

”平心靜氣的說” 對我們非常重要!
“Speak Your Pease”
​is very important to us!
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