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​成為會員 Become A Member

誰可以參加? Who can Join?


Any Rossmoor resident may join CAAR as a member.

​如何報名? How to enroll?

【第一步 Step 1 】 填寫報名表 - 3個選擇: 1. 點擊“加入我們”按鈕,線上填寫。 2. 到Gateway辦公室的CAAR郵箱裡取得表格。 3. 點擊下載按鈕,從File - Download指令下載表格,然後印制填寫。 Get Enroll Form - 3 choices: 1. Click the "Join Us" button to complete the form online. 2. Visit the Gateway office to obtain a printed copy from the CAAR mailbox. 3. Download and print the form.

How many membership types?

會員有 Regular 及 Associate 兩種。只有Regular 會員可以成為俱樂部的理事會。Associate 會員除了上述限制之外,與Regular會員沒有差別。 A Rossmoor resident not of Chinese descent is eligible as an Associate Member of the Association. Associate Members, except their status as non-voting and non-office- holding members, have the same privileges and obligations as Regular Members.

【第二步 Step 2】 付款: 1. 點擊線上付款按鈕,支付信用卡。 2. 開支票 - 抬頭寫CAAR,與報名表一同放在Gateway辦公室的CAAR郵箱裡標有“Membership"的大信封裡。請勿裝入小信封裡。 Payment: 1. Simply click the "Pay $15..." button and proceed with the credit card payment. 2. Write a check for the membership fee and place it in the designated "Membership" envelope in the CAAR mailbox. Please avoid using an additional envelope for sealing.

”平心靜氣的說” 對我們非常重要!
“Speak Your Peace”
​is very important to us!
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